Timothy David Ray, J.D.

Timothy David Ray began his professional career with the 2004 Congressional campaign for the 2nd Congressional District in Louisiana as an assistant volunteer coordinator.  He quickly developed a niche in political communications and campaign management and has worked his way up the ranks, leading statewide and local political teams.

Since 2004, he has been hired to assist numerous campaigns of different scales, including political, policy, and fundraising campaigns. His articles on policy and political affairs have appeared in multiple news outlets, including a regular column with Think 504.

Timothy David earned his Juris Doctorate degree with an advanced certification in International Law from Loyola University, College of Law. He joined the faculty of International School of Dispute Resolution at Humboldt University in 2013, and has served an adjunct professor of Political Science at the University of New Orleans.  He was also a panelist at the Southern Regional BLSA Conference with Tulane University, Law School in 2013.